Alchemy for Body and Soul: Crystal Healing – Alchemy with Crystals

Earth’s consciousness assists humanity in awakening to old and forgotten healing techniques, like the use of crystals. These crystals, which are part of the mineral kingdom, are universal energies. It is possible to access and combine these energy for healing and integration. Each crystal can have its unique “personality”, which allows you to use them in unique ways that help explain the Earth’s origins. They are Nature’s gift for man, they can come in all sizes and colors. Because of the unique frequency and mineral compositions, each one has its own vibrational resonance.

One method to heal is crystal healing. This involves the use of gemstones or crystals placed around the body or chakras. For enhanced energy flow and energy, one could place the same-colored crystals on the appropriate chakra. One can also meditate simply by placing the crystal in their hands or at the third eye (6th Chakra) to receive messages or energy. They are holistically healing on all levels.

Human vibrational energy, also known as the electromagnetic field of the body, is complex and interacts with crystals because they act like perfect electromagnetic conductors. It is known that crystals are able to activate particular energy centers through resonance. Some crystals may contain minerals known to have therapeutic qualities and can be used in medical procedures. Their piezoelectric properties allow them to produce electricity and light through compression. They can also create sound waves. Since ancient times, crystal healers as well as shamans were familiar with their ability to direct light and sound vibrations into concentrated radiation for healing. The crystals can be used to restore subtle energies or to dissolve the cause of dis-ease.

From the dawning civilization, there has been much reverence and use for crystals. Over thousands of years crystals have been used to connect with particular parts of our bodies and organs. A lot of these connections can be traced back to traditional Western Astrology as well Eastern Astrology. Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine in India claim crystals provide healing. The formulas for ancient texts over 5,000 year old are now part of modern medical prescriptions. In the Christian Bible, crystals are described more than 200-times. Crystals can also be found in ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs. Many of the early civilisations of Earth (Mayan Aztec, American Indians, African, Celtic, etc.) use quartz crystals in sacred ceremonies.

Although it is ultimately up to each individual to heal their self, there are many tools that can aid the process, including crystals. You may choose to work with a specific crystal by following your intuition. These sacred crystalline tools are meant to be used as a support tool for our personal journeys. Crystal healing uses crystal energy in harmony with the core vibration of our soul to bring forth divine clarity.

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