Prostate Cancer: Reduced Risk by Mushrooms

What do we know of the humble mushroom? They have been around for thousands of year and are high in vitamins and minerals. They have been used in medicinal treatments for thousands of years. The mushrooms have been around for seemingly ever. See soulcybin review for get more info.

Recent studies have shown certain mushrooms to have properties that may help the body fight cancer. These mushrooms are shiitakes and reishi. These different types of mushroom can be found in your local greengrocer. These mushrooms contain powerful compounds that help fight cancer. The protein lectin is found in mushrooms, which helps to prevent cancerous cells re-emerging.

It is interesting to note that modern scientists have concluded that mushrooms can inhibit cancer. It’s fascinating because mushrooms have been an important part of medicine and healing for thousands years. Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms were used to heal in Eastern medicine both ancient and modern. Scientists today have included the same three mushrooms in a list of mushrooms that are anti-cancer.

The mushroom can help fight cancer but it’s more than that. The common white button mushroom contains phytochemicals that are thought to protect us from breast and prostate carcinoma. A simple mushroom like this also contains selenium. Studies have shown that it helps to lower the risk for prostate, lung, stomach and colon cancers. Even though it’s small, this tiny plant can make a huge impact in fighting cancer.

Some of these statistics are truly amazing. Two hundred thousand women from China were surveyed. Over a period of time, tabs were kept on their records. Women who ate fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms regularly were less likely than those who didn’t. 64% less likely were women who ate 10 g or more of mushrooms each day to develop breast cancer than women who did not eat mushrooms. Even accounting for the percentage differences in surveys, this figure is astonishing.

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