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Binary Options Trading: Make Fast Money

The goal is to get money quick. Options trading Quotex Login is a great way to accomplish this. Many people believe that options are risky. They can be risky if you don’t know how to use them.

Stock options allow you to leverage your money and reduce the risk. After you master them, the strategies my mentors taught to me are both simple and lucrative.

Optional calls and puts come in two varieties. Any option can be bought or sold. This is the most common strategy when using options. The strategy is comprised of two distinct positions.

Sell a Call Option against the underlying, xyz. If it is currently trading for $15.00 then you will receive money on your account.

If you buy 100 shares xyz stock at $15.00 then you can sell 1 contract (15 strike calls) that is equivalent to 100 stocks with 30 day expiration. Then, earn $1 per 100 shares or $100.

When xyz goes above $15.00, at the expiration date you earn money. Even if the stock prices drop, it is possible to earn money.
* If XYZ rises above $15.00, sell your stock at $15.00.
* When buying a call, you get the right to purchase an underlying specific for a period of time and at a price you specify.
If you buy a call, you must sell that underlying asset at a price you specify within a time limit.
* When buying a put, you get the right to buy an underlying specific at a particular price for a period of time.
* When selling a put, the buyer is obligated for a fixed period to buy certain underlyings at certain prices.

When you first learn about Options, I understand that it can be confusing. I promise that trading options is a great way to make quick money.

Sell options and you will start to make money very quickly.

To be successful in the trading world, it is important to give yourself an edge. You can get an edge by using different options strategies. 80 percent of expiring options are useless! What’s the biggest winner? Option sellers are the ones who make most of the money.