What Is Distance Healing, and How Does It Benefit You?

Distance healing refers to the ability to heal someone spiritually from afar or in another country (city, country). To ensure that the healer can offer Qi-healing to clients or patients, they must agree on the date and time of distance healing. A picture of a client is useful to establish a stronger, more etheric relationship with the patient. Click this link hop over to these guys.

What makes it work?

The principles outlined below are based on pranic healing principles:

Principle of Transmittability. It is possible to transmit vital energy or life force from one person, to another.

Principle of Receptivity. To receive the projected prani energy, a patient needs to be receptive to it or at minimum neutral. Receptivity can be increased by relaxation. The projected pranic energy won’t be absorbed if there is no receptivity. They may not be responsive because they aren’t interested in this type of healing, don’t like the healer or want to get well.

Principle of interconnectedness. Since they are both energy bodies, the body of the healer is interconnected with the body of his patient. This means we are part and parcel of the solar system. We are connected to the entire cosmos. The Principle of Oneness is another name for the principle of interconnectedness.

Principle of Directability. Life force can also be directed. It follows the focus of attention; it follows thoughts. Distant pranic Healing is based on both the principle and principle of interconnectedness.

Healing benefits of distance healing

You can get the same benefits from distance healing as a one-on-one Qi healing session. Clients report feeling lighter and more peaceful, with tingling sensations all over their bodies, as well as psychological and emotional healing. Some clients felt lighter, more energetic, joyful, and revitalized.


Although one-on-1 pranic sessions or Qi-healing sessions are preferred, distance healing is an alternative.

Buddha Kuan Yin is Ricardo‚Äôs principal spiritual healer. He assists him with his mission and healing work. Other ascended healers are available to help during the distant healing session. To heal a patient’s condition at distance, a spiritual healer directs the Divine Spiritual (God) Energy or Tian qi via the higher soul.

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